Hardware C4IT

Te100 product image front

Telo | TE100

Simple rugged PoC device.
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telo 300 product image

Telo | TE300

Instant communication to speed up the conversation.
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telo 390 product image

Telo | TE390

Simple handheld PoC device for a instant communication.
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te580plus Telo Radio

Telo | TE580 Plus

The perfect combination of robust push to talk and a wide range of other features.
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te580pd telo radio product image

Telo | TE580PD

Industrial and compact design with 3.1 inch touch screen, 8MP camera and more.
This device has both POC + DMR
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telo radio te590 product image

Telo | TE590

This device has the features of a smart phone but also the traditional push to talk
for instant communication.
It communicates over 3G and 4G so you can communicate all over the world.
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telo m5 product image

Telo M5

Vehicle communicator on 3G or 4G with programmable buttons.
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