C4IT - Push To Talk SIM Cards

In addition to our current portfolio, C4IT now offers its renewed Push To Talk SIM cards with data subscriptions.
These subscriptions have an international SIM card that works on several networks per country. As a result, the device always searches for an available 4G network.
This reduces the risk that a device does not have a (4G) data connection. The size of the SIM card can be adjusted to Standard, Micro and Nano.

We can meet your demands

With our new SIM cards, we can meet your demands.
We can provide you with our standard bundles
or we can create a custom solution that suits your company.

SIM Card C4It PoC distributor


Standard bundles

C4IT offers 3 clear bundles.

1. C4IT "Push To Talk" Bundle
This bundle has 500MB this is perfect for Push To Talk voice, normal GPS-polling, sending pictures.

2. C4IT "Unlimited Push To Talk" Bundle
Unlimited Push To Talk, GPS polling, sending pictures.

3. C4IT "Back-up" Bundle
With this bundle you get 100MB
This bundle is perfect as a back-up if you are using WiFi as preferred connectivity.

For more information about prices or custom bundles please contact us.

Features of the SIM cards

Pooled subscriptions
C4IT offers pooled subscriptions this means that SIM cards in the same price plan uses each other data.
So for example when you have 6 "Push To Talk" bundles you have 500MB x 6 = 3GB data that can be used together.
This can be useful when one user consumes more data than another user.

Multiple providers
Our data plans have one big benefit and that is automatic roaming on multiple networks per country. This ensures that you can communicate when there is a network available in your area.
The SIM Cards can be used in a lot of different countries. We have 700 different networks in 63 countries. See the picture below to see which 63 countries.

coverage map c4it sim cards 2

For more information about prices or custom bundles please contact us.