New in CommCheck

We are constantly improving CommCheck that’s why we recently added new features to the platform. Those features are:

  • Basic dispatcher
  • CommBoxx
  • Mobile Voice & Data DMR Gateway
  • Voicelogger
  • PatchBoxx

Every new function explained


Basic dispatcher

The basic dispatcher is perfectly suited for an end user who does not want to use the extra functions in the extended dispatcher, but rather uses the basic features such as speech, alarms and GPS.

basic dispatcher

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commboxx image4                                                                                

CommCheck CommBoxx

With the CommBoxx application you can easily participate in talk groups of your handhelds and mobile radios with a PC. So, if you want to participate in a talk group from your PC or if you just want to listen in? You can use CommBoxx for a seamless experience. CommBoxx can be installed on MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Mobile Voice & Data DMR Gateway

With this gateway it is possible to exchange voice & date with DMR networks. This functionality is implemented in the Boxchip B900A+ device. With our CommCheck configurator it is possible to program this device as a gateway over the air.

mobile voice data



CommCheck Voicelogger

With the CommCheck Voice logger you can replay conversations. This can for example be beneficial when you want to evaluate an incident. Also, for everyday use of course.


CommCheck PatchBoxx

The CommCheck Patchboxx is made so you can easily link different talk groups to each other. With this simple application it is possible to link up to 4 talk groups.

commcheck patchboxx

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