CommCheck Platform

CommCheck is a multi-role communication platform with the emphasis on Push to talk.

CommCheck Logo C4IT internet of things

Main focus is to provide similar and additional functions available on legacy LMR systems for Push To Talk applications.
CommCheck uses 3G/4G/5G and WiFi to communicate between devices. This means you can talk instantly to someone even when you are far away. The only thing you need is an internet connection.
The platform can be used in the cloud through our servers (SaaS) or with your own server on premise.

The application is vendor independent:

TeloSystems                                          Boxchip S900
Sonim Xp8                                              Etera 880 980
iSafe                                                            EsTalky 966
ECOM EX01 EX02                             Senhaix N60
✓ Hytera PNC370 PNC380 PNC550

CommCheck can be bulk activated and configured reducing setup costs.
The user interface is completely customizable making it suitable for both experienced and less experienced users.

Main Features CommCheck

CommCheck is a completely customizable platform but here are some main features:

Man down                                  Lone worker
Emergency                                Low battery alarm
High temperature alarm     Status messages
GPS location                              Task management
Out of Range alarm                Alarming
Kiosk mode                                ✓ Device management

Large screen and device buttons that can be used with gloves
High contrast icons for use in direct sunlight environment
Hot mic and video during emergency
Push to video on group and individual calls

Perfect voor all kinds of industries

website industries high quality 2.0

And even more!
All the features of CommCheck can be turned off or on so it fits the needs of your company.

CommCheck Flexible Topology

To use the platform there two options: On premise or through SaaS (Software as a Service).
Here are the deference between the two:

On premise

  • Own management
  • Independent 
  • Purchase instead of rent
  • Option for AES 256 encryption
  • Option for redundant
  • Option for SLA
  • On-site if desired


  • In our management
  • License (monthly subscription)
  • AES 256 encryption
  • SLA during office hours
  • We manage the hosting
  • Redundant
  • No investment costs
  • Can be canceled after 3 months


CommCheck Languages

CommCheck is now available in 26 different languages.
Also, there is an option to implement languages on your request.

All the languages available now:

English                     Nederlands
Polska                       Español
Deutsch                   Italiano
Dansk                       Svenska
Norsk                        Francais
Ελληνικά                 Україна
Chinese                    Arabic
Türk                            Russian
Czech                        Românesc
Lietuvis                     Portugese
Hungary                   Ļauj
Slovenský                български
עברית                        Japanese

 If you want more information about our products or if you are interested feel free to contact us.

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