PoC also known as Push to Talk over cellular,
what is it and how can it benefit your company?

What is it?

With Push to Talk over Cellular you can communicate instantly between devices through 3G/ 4G/ 5G or WiFi.
The hardware combines smartphone and radio technology which results in a smart device with endless possibilities.

How can it benefit your company?

Because the devices communicate over the 4G network or WiFi you don’t need to invest in your own infrastructure. That’s not the only benefit of using 4G. The coverage is not limited anymore to a certain area. 3G, 4G and soon 5G is almost everywhere so if you have a connection to one of those networks or WiFi you will be able to communicate. PoC is also easy to set up and doesn’t have any licensing restrictions that come with Private Mobile Radio.

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The possibilities

With the combination of smartphone and radio technology there is also more possible with a Push to Talk over Cellular device than a standard mobile radio. For example, in combination with our android based CommCheck platform you can send pictures and videos to each other. You can communicate to one specific person or to a group of people. Functions like: GPS, “Man down” and “Lone worker” are available on supported devices and if there is a feature you would like there are options for a custom solution. Another thing that is different with traditional push to talk is the configuration. With the CommCheck Configurator you are able to (re)configure your fleet over the air. That way on site programming is not needed anymore. Adjustments will be updated real-time to the handhelds. So, features like the man down feature can also be configured over the air. The functions can be activated or turned off.

Visit our CommCheck page for more information about the possibilities.

Future ready

PoC hardware can also be combined with other devices. With the use of WiFi access points or Bluetooth bacons indoor positioning is possible. IoT solutions can also be Linked with our PoC devices.

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