C4IT - Full Service Telecom Cloud Provider

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C4IT stands for Cloud for Integration of Things and provides you, as a distributor and supplier, with a complete portfolio
of PoC software, PoC hardware and IoT solutions with links to, among others. DMR, Tetra, LMR, LoRA, SIGFOX and CCTV.

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C4IT provides applications like CommCheck and TeloPTT to get the most out of your hardware.
4GPTT is increasingly used because it can be used regardless of location or required range and does
not require investments in one's own infrastructure.

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To use the software you need hardware that is why C4IT
also distributes PoC devices.


Examples of projects C4IT did 

animal ambulance case studie they are now using commcheck, The Telo TE580 & Telo m5dutch hospital they are now using commcheck with the hytera pnc370